Most Accurate Blood Glucose Meter?

Blood Glucose Meters and Accuracy Info

blood-glucose-meterGlucose meters have most definitely improved radically as far as test results accuracy over the past decades; they are now small battery operated devices, convenient for most people with diabetes who need to check their blood glucose level, quickly and privately, but still lead an active lifestyle.

These meters work by reading a small drop of blood placed on a test strip (disposed of after use).

Over the past decades, these devices have continued to become smaller, more accurate, and able to make accurate readings much faster. Additionally the most accurate blood glucose meter is now designed with additional features such as storing results, recording insulin dosages, as well as interfacing with the users home computer, allowing these readings to be imported into various software programs to really benefit from the accuracy of their blood sugar test.  Talk about advances in technology to lower your blood sugar, right?  Wow!

How big is the most accurate glucose meter?

Size is not necessarily an indication of a superior product, since most glucose metering devices, are manufactured small and battery-operated, and allow the user to easily carry them as they live their life. These meters are used by millions with blood sugar issues worldwide, allowing them more accurate control of their blood sugar levels.

Features of this blood glucose meter…

Amazon ImageMost diabetes Glucose monitoring devices are normally differentiated based on an assortment of features, including blood sample size, results time and the ability to store information (interfacing with a home computer), as well as alternate testing sites, (forearm or other areas) than the tip of your finger.

When it comes to accuracy of blood glucose readings, FreeStyle, ISO, and Accu-Chek are some of the most popular models of these meters.  They all make good test kits.

And while we are focusing on the most accurate diabetes blood glucose monitor being used by individuals, they are also used by most medical professionals such as…

Paramedic units

Nursing homes

Doctor’s offices

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NOTATION: most modern blood glucose meters contain biosensors, these sensors can detect blood from the forearm (or other areas), negating the need to continuously prick the finger to draw blood.  This helps to maintain accuracy to control diabetes and blood sugar issues, but is much more pleasant for the diabetes patient since they might test many times a day.

healthy-eatingFor those with diabetes, there is nothing more important than owning the most accurate glucose test meter, along with regular exercise and healthy diet, doing this is crucial for overall health and longevity.

In order to take charge of your diabetes, it is a mandatory to test and measure glucose levels on a systematic and regular basis, adjusting your lifestyle as necessary, based on a doctor’s recommendation.

(SMBG) or self monitoring of blood glucose, allows the user to know ahead of time if their blood glucose levels are tending towards hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia. This fact alone makes owning an accurate blood glucose meter a very important fact of life. Depending on the blood glucose meter you are using, it should take anywhere from a few seconds to test up to 1 min. to obtain an accurate reading.


Amazon ImageThe most accurate blood glucose meters are equipped with audio, allowing accurate measurements even if the user is visually impaired. Certain meters, will also measure ketones, as well as glucose levels.

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There are a multitude of glucose meters to choose from, but having an accurate blood glucose meter, is much more important, than simply choosing the least expensive model. Discuss your plans with friends, family and diabetes health care professionals, and then choose the meter you are most comfortable with. Doing so will allow those with diabetes to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

Rated Most Accurate by Consumers

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